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Selfservice Warehouse Monday 08-Jan-2018 from 10-14u
Selfservice Warehouse Monday

Every first Monday of each month ArtistiX gives her regular customers the opportunity to sort products in our warehouse themselves.
We regularly have new stones arriving from all over the world. Besides a cup of Coffee you have the benefit of first choice!

If you are not a customer of ArtistiX yet, then please contact us before visiting.

* unless otherwise communicated in a specific order, all our offers are excluding VAT and import or export charges. We use a graduated pricelist. Offers are only valid during the offer timeframe and while stock lasts.
carbide rasps
Does Soapstone contain Asbestos?
Soapstone chisels 6 pcs / 15cm
Soapstone chisels 6 pcs / 15cm
Flat Chisel with shaft and edge Rebit 20mm / Ų 15,9mm / A
Flat Chisel with shaft and edge Rebit 20mm / Ų 15,9mm / A
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