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    Natural Beeswax
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We regularly have new stones arriving from all over the world. Besides a cup of Coffee you have the benefit of first choice!

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* unless otherwise communicated in a specific order, all our offers are excluding VAT and import or export charges. We use a graduated pricelist. Offers are only valid during the offer timeframe and while stock lasts.
carbide rasps
Does Soapstone contain Asbestos?
White opaque < 35kg boulders
White opaque < 35kg boulders
Modelling tool nr 10 15cm
Modelling tool nr 10 15cm
Extra green < 25kg
Extra green < 25kg
Turquoise 15-50kg
Turquoise 15-50kg
 6mm shaft - Cylinder  8mm / #120 ~ #100
6mm shaft - Cylinder 8mm / #120 ~ #100
Model D - knife + curved pointed 30cm
Model D - knife + curved pointed 30cm
 6mm shaft - Cylinder  12mm / #120 ~ #100
6mm shaft - Cylinder 12mm / #120 ~ #100
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